Tata Motors Globally Sells A Million In 2018

March 28,2019

Tata Motors has become the 1st Indian automaker to cross the 1 million sales mark, beating Chinese giants Changan and SAIC, to be the world’s 16th largest light vehicles company.
The company sold 1.049 million units in 2018 as against 0.986 million units sold in 2017 making it the 3rd fastest growing brand among the top 20 auto makers globally. The vehicles under the category of light vehicle that are considered in this are cars, utility vehicles, vans and small pickup trucks of up to 3.5 tonnes.

Growth was driven by the Tata brand, which sold 99% of its cars in India but JLR (-2%) struggled as they compete in the profitable but highly competitive premium segment.
Tata Motors MD Guenter Butschek has credited the achievement to strong connect that Tata brand has built with its customers through its products and value propositions. He said the company will continue to focus on filling gaps in its portfolio and aim to be a technological leader in the auto world.

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Author - Vikram