Self Repairing Battery To Hit The Market Soon

May 20,2019

The Japanese engineers have successfully developed a material which would give enhanced life and greater capacities to batteries. Atsuo Yamada and his team at Tokyo University established that using a model material like oxygen redox-layered oxide (Na2RuO3) gives amazing results wherein there is a huge reduction in the battery degradation from charge and discharge cycle and the layers actually self-repair. This has resulted in enhanced battery life by increasing the energy density of batteries.

In today’s world battery is an integral part of human life from smartphones to pacemakers to cars and the dominance of battery would continue to grow. The important elements that are needed to improve to meet future needs are longevity and capacity of the battery.

The battery consists of layers of metallic materials. These layers tend to degrade and develop cracks or flakes during the charge and discharge cycle. These stacking faults reduce the ability of the battery to store and delivery charge. Mostly the devices use a lithium-ion battery but another type of battery based on sodium rather than lithium would soon be replacing it.

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