Records Shattered In Norway By Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

March 28,2019

After launching its Model 3 electric vehicle in Europe, Tesla has beaten all records by huge margins in Norwegian market. It has sold 3593 Model 3 cars in this market in Mar-19 (few more days still to go) which is 65% more than the previous market record set by Nissan in Mar-18.

Norway is the world’s biggest market per capita for emission-free cars and offers great incentives like tax breaks/free or discounted road tolls, turning the country of 5.3 million into a focal point for Tesla and other electric-car makers. It was Tesla’s fourth biggest market by revenue in 2018, behind the U.S., China and the Netherlands.

Overall Tesla has sold 3,964 cars of all models in Norway so far in Mar-19 which beats monthly sales record of 3017 cars set by Volkswagen AG’s April 2016. When it comes to world record in annual sales by model & manufacturer the winner is Volkswagen which has the record of selling 16,388 Golfs in 2015 and in cars the record stands at 26,574 in 2016.

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Autojobs4ublog Team