RFID Tags Must In Indian Capital For Commercial Vehicles From August 24

August 23,2019

The SDMC officials have declared that starting midnight of 23rd Aug 2019, it is mandatory that all vehicles entering Delhi to have RFID tags. The vehicles found flouting this rule will have to penalty, which would be twice of the specified rates of ECC and MCD Toll Plazas during first week and 4 times in 2nd week and 6 times in 3rd week.

The move has been made to ease traffics at Toll Plazas. The necessary arrangements for pre-registration of RFID tags and their recharge, has been made at all the 13 Toll Plazas and through mobile vans. Other than, this 6 permanent points of sales in bordering areas of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have also been established just before Delhi entry points. The last date of pre-registration was 16th Aug, which was later extended to 23rd Aug to ensure that all commercial vehicles entering Delhi are equipped with RFID tags.

The pre-registration drive for RFID tags has received a good response and in last 6 days around 50,000 RFID tags have been issued. The total tally of RFID tags now stands at 95,000.

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