Older Vehicle Prior To Year 2000 Faces Government Regulations

May 30,2019

Owning and running a vehicle prior to the year 2000, particularly for commercial vehicles will now be more taxing. As per new regulations planned by Niti Aayog, all such vehicles would be required to pass a frequent fitness test and it is expected that there would be a 15 to 20 times increase in the fees for both the 1st time registration of vehicle and off-course for the renewal of their registration.

The aim of the government is to create the atmosphere for phasing out older vehicles and in order to do so, it would force some disincentives of the existing older fleet of vehicles in the country. Various studies have proved that older vehicles are almost 25 times more polluting when compared to new age vehicles. The focus would be on the commercial vehicle segment for pushing the voluntary scrapping scheme as planned by the government and would come into effect in the next 3 to 4 months.

Niti Aayog has been working on this initiative for the past few months and is now ready with a carrot and stick policy to implement older vehicle scrapping. The government would give incentive to buyers who would scrap their old vehicles to buy new ones which would include waiving off related to registration fees for new vehicles if the buyer produces the certificate of scrapping his old vehicle. The vehicle manufacturers have also been advised to offer incentives to such buyers.

Image Source: This is Money

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