Nissan To Reduce 10 Percentage Of Its Global Product Portfolio By 2022

July 31,2019

The ongoing global slowdown and lower demand for Nissan models have led to the decision of reducing the models by 10% by Mar 2022. The Japanese auto giant plans to discontinue the models like Nissan Sentra, Versa alongside Datsun on-DO and Infiniti Q60.

Nissan is working on a plan to stop producing models, which are not profitable, including small vehicles for an emerging market like Datsun models. The company may also reduce options and packages offered on its vehicles. The move is part of the cost restructuring and renovation that also includes streamlining workforce and production capacity.

As per the reports, the move by Nissan to reduce its product portfolio is not only a response to the change in the customer preference but also a move necessitated by its commitments towards EV. The financial condition of the company cannot allow it to add EV models when it is already coping up with 60 different models. The experts believe that some of the discontinued fuel-powered models might come back in their EV Avtar.

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