Jharkhand Farmer Creates A Low Cost Tractor From Scooter Scrap

August 12,2019

The new mantra is “Survival is the mother of innovations” and it has been proved by 33-year-old Mahesh Karmali of Jharkhand. The local of Uncha Ghana village in Bishnugarh area near Hazaribagh district in Jharkhand has achieved a feat which could be a dream for many automobile startup.

Mahesh has been bright, innovative and perseverant with his beliefs and has successfully designed low-cost tractors which can plow his 12 kattah farmland. The important thing to remember is that Mahesh is an elementary school drop-out but that has not held him back from developing a tractor from a scrap of an old Bajaj chetak scooter which he bought from his friend for Rs.4251.

Mahesh was a scooter mechanic and has worked in a Bajaj service center for 7 years in Pune, Maharashtra and the knowledge accumulated during his 7 years stint at Bajaj service center enabled him to develop the tractor which he has proudly named as Power Tiller.

Mahesh was forced to leave his job at Pune due to financial problems and move back to his roots in Jharkhand to support his family who was engaged in farming. Surprisingly it only took 3 days for Mahesh to design the tractor. He spent Rs.12,000 to transform the scooter into a tractor which can now plough 8640 sft at an expense of 2.5 liters of petrol, which is quite economical compared to a conventional tractor.

The tractor is still in the pilot stage and works more like a power tiller with the user walking along with the machine while plowing it. Going forward Mahesh is planning to bring in bigger and powerful version of Power Tiller by next year where the user would be able to sit on the machine. Other than, being a heady duty, plowing machine the advanced version would be used for harvesting crops, cutting, and suppressing of weeds on the frame.

The response from his farming community is immense and he has received a lot of orders. To execute this on the commercial scale he is looking for financial assistance of 3 to 4 lakhs to buy drilling, cutting and welding tools. Mahesh now aspires to open an engineering workshop to produce other low-cost variants of agriculture machinery.

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Image Source: ETAuto

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