Internet Enabled Cars To Customise Services, Prop Up Sales

April 29,2019

The automobile industry is witnessing a major technological upgrade and vehicle software are now becoming a must for all auto players. Next in line is the internet-enabled passenger cars, via SIM card connections. These smart cars will have the ability become a major product differentiators and would also prop up sales. The new age passenger vehicles will access internet either through a normal SIM card or E-SIM (electronic SIM) card. There are many additional avenues of revenues linked to sale of cars which ranges from insurance premiums to sub-leasing of cars and all will be influenced by this new technology.
The-sim card enable smart cars would be as good as mobile device and would be capable of higher degree of communication. Connected cars mobility solutions are enhanced through an E-SIM, adding to the convenience and safety factor. It simplifies various operations which otherwise requires special effort in a seamless fashion.
Initially the internet-enabled technology enabled cars are expected to be only in the top-end variants whose customers can look forward to a host of futuristic services like vehicle self-diagnoses, the latest entertainment feed and automatic emergency systems.

This new technology would also lead to various tertiary revenue generating streams for auto and telecom companies. As per Industry experts almost all original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) plan to develop or launch new models featuring this type of technology, which might become as common as air bags in the near future.

The two major companies who are leading this technology drive are Hyundai and MG Motor. They have disclosed information about their upcoming models sporting this technology.

The connected experience in MG Hector is powered by a customized solution developed by “Unlimit” in partnership with Cisco and Airtel. The connected mobility solution on the MG Hector is also Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) ready for 5G. Airtel was chosen as the telecommunication partner because of the strength of its pan-India 4G network, as well as the high-speed internet connectivity that it enables. The marquee British automaker will sell, by June this year, MG Hector with iSMARTNext Gen, which will be the first internet car in India and redefine connected mobility.

Hyundai has showcased connected SUV “Venue” which has an in-built and tamper-proof device powered by Vodafone-Idea E-SIM and a cloud-based voice recognition platform. The SUV sports "Blue Link" which is Hyundai's global technology slated to be introduced in the Indian market with 33 features, out of which 10 are India-specific.
Additionally, the trend will get a boost due to the proliferation of smart connected devices, machine-to-machine communication and wearables.

Slowing demand and the ability to keep the cars connected, even when it is with the user, opens up options for selling, leasing or other ways of allowing customers to experience the car. E-SIM enabled connectivity also allows to remotely monitor the vehicle usage pattern and accordingly optimise financing and insurance expenses. With 5G technologies coming in, pushing more digital content and content monetisation will become game changers.

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