India To Have Only Electric 2 Wheelers After 2025

May 23,2019

Starting 2025, Indian government plans to make electric 2-wheelers up to 150 cc mandatory. Further for 3-wheeler the sane condition would come into play from 2023.

The biggest chunk of vehicle population in India is of 2-wheeler and it accounts for 75% of the total traffic on road. The government has taken a strong action on reducing vehicular pollution by making electrification mandatory. The recommendations of making sale of electric vehicles in 2 & 3 wheeler segment would not impact vehicles registered up to the cut-off date and they will be allowed to ply.

Currently all automobile companies are gearing up for BSVI upgradation and are investing lot of money to be BSVI compliant. To ensure that these companies do not suffer government has given a 4 to 6 years transition window to auto industry to enable them to recover their investment.

The Niti Aayog which has been leading inter-ministerial steering committee is expected to make suggestions on similar lines for delivery vehicles, school and city buses. To enable it the committee will double the direct subsidy for electric 3-wheeler to Rs.20,000 per KWH to make them competitive to fossil fuel.

In two-wheeler segment, 3 out of 4 companies are Indian and this provides a big opportunity for these companies to become global leaders in the EV segment. The high volumes that these Indian companies generate will enable them to make a strong component base to rule the world in EV segment. The expected investment on electric 2 & 3 wheeler is estimated at Rs.50,000 crores in battery manufacturing and storage by 2025.

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