Hi Tech Number Plates Mandatory For New Vehicles In Pune From April 1

March 30,2019

HSRP (High-security registration plates) will be seen on vehicles hitting the city’s streets from April 1.
The Maharashtra government may also make it compulsory for every vehicle already running on the roads to sport HSRPs. The central government has left it to the state government to decide whether this regulation will cover vehicles already running on the roads.
Beginning 1st April all the automobile vehicle dealers have to ensure that all vehicles manufactured after from 1st Apr onwards have this HSRP plates before they are sold to customers.

As per RTO officials, the dealers and manufacturers have been advised to provide HSRPs to owners of old vehicles and once the notification is out then transport department would enforce the rule in phased manner so that the old vehicle owners do not face any problem.

The official advised vehicle owners to approach their dealers for HSRPs at the earliest, rather than wait for the notification. They will have to pay a fee to get the number plates fixed, while vehicles manufactured from April 1 will have these plates for no extra charge.

However, it was not immediately clear what would happen to the owners of those vehicles that are not being manufactured in India anymore. Such vehicles would not have a dealership network to fall back on.

The official said the RTOs will conduct an awareness campaign and hold camps, once the notification is out. “Vehicle owners can attend the camps and directly connect with the manufacturers of HSRPs. The Union transport ministry has put the onus on the state government to decide if the old vehicles should have HSRPs. Once the notification is out, the RTO will have a plan of action ready,” the official added.

Author - Ashok

Auto Enthusiast with over 23 years of experience in automobile Industry