GM, Ford And Toyota Join Hands To Develop Standards For Advance Self Driving Testing

April 04,2019

The future of automobile lies in technological advancement is making vehicle safer for the users and in this regard the big of automobile industry ie General Motors, Ford, & Toyota have entered into an agreement with SAE International to work on safety guiding principles in order to form the global standards for safety. The group would focus on developing standard principles of vehicle safety for the self-driving cars which is the future of the mobility. This would enable them to create regulations for the US market. The group will also work together on safety advance testing, pre-competitive development, and deployment.

The regulations for self-driving cars is of utmost importance and an immediate necessity if this new technological advancement wants any progress in US. This also gains importance as rest of the world is keeping a close eyes on this development on implementation of the new technology.
In Mar-19, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) asked the public if robotic cars should be allowed on streets without steering wheels or brake pedals as they try to set the first legal boundaries for their design. NHTSA's existing rules prohibit vehicles without human controls.
The challenge with the group is that the US regulators will compare the vehicle run totally on computer against a human driver which has never been done before in US. The group has selected some 4500 aerospace standards which cover the major aggregates like airframe, engine and other critical parts have designed a successful model for vehicle safety standards.

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