EV Owners In US UK Will Be Able To Use Google Maps For Real Time Info On Charging Stations

April 25,2019

The next time your electric vehicle (EV) runs out of charge, you needn't wonder where in the vicinity you'll find a charging station. The global solution provider when it comes to searching has done a upgrade in its google map. The upgraded version would help the users to find the charging ports/station on real time basis. Currently it has been done for US and UK market.
As explained in the official blog, searching for? EV charging stations? The upgraded version would present updated information from networks such as Chargemaster, EVgo, and SemaConnect. ChargePoint will be added soon.

This new technological upgrade will reduce the waiting time at charging stations. The user would get real time information of an EV charging station. The relevant details to which the user would have access would include “how many ports are currently available”, “port types”, and “charging speeds”. Crowd-sourced information will also be provided such as photos, ratings, reviews, and questions.

The feature is available on Google Maps on desktop, Android, iOS and Android Auto.

Others countries will have to wait for some time and soon as the EV penetrations increase worldwide this facility from google will be a great help to all EV owners across the globe.

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Author - Sree Raghuma G