Digital Disruption In Transport Industry

August 14,2019

The advanced technology innovations are changing the way the transport and logistics industry operates. The real-time freight booking and pricing services, have improved efficiency and lowered the cost of goods movement up to the last mile. These platforms called as smart logistics platforms, digital freight solutions, on-demand trucking or even Uberization of freight have one thing in common and it is that they are transforming the conventional freight and logistics business.

The disruption in the transport sector has picked up the pace with apps and services like Uber Freight, Convoy, Transfix, etc gaining popularity and acceptance across the world. In India, local apps like TruckSuvidha and Porter are also gaining momentum and acceptance. The apps allow the shippers to view truck availability and 3rd party logistics providers near it and book directly through the app's interface. The shipper can easily locate the freight capacity and get the right trucks for payload quickly.

As the mobile application becomes more sophisticated and convenient through efficient algorithms over time, these platforms will expand further as these apps would easily integrate with the self-driving technology.

For the last mile connectivity, the new technologies like delivery bots, drones, etc would make the entire goods delivery cycle more efficient and cost-effective. Many shippers including Amazon have already started experimenting with this new technology to save on labor cost.

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