BMW And Tencent Focuses On Self Driving Cars

July 19,2019

BMW and Chinese online gaming giant Tencent Holdings are joining hands to launch a computing centre based at China to develop self-driving cars in the world's biggest auto market.

The computing centre will be built in the eastern city of Tianjin and would start its operations by year-end. The idea is to first develop semi-autonomous vehicles and then gradually move to fully autonomous vehicles. The investment involved in the deal is yet to be disclosed by the duo.

BMW has been working seriously on the autonomous cars and have been seeking infrastructural help for developing the same. With the power of Tencent’s cloud computing ability and big data expertise, BMW is hopeful of gaining a leading edge over competition.

China is the biggest auto market opportunity for BMW and the company is all set to launch its semi-autonomous car L3 in 2021, which would be a masterpiece when it comes to computing power to analyse real-time flow of digital information on road and traffic conditions. The German auto giant is aware that AI is at the centre of driverless cars as it needs sophisticated data-crunching capabilities and the neuro-network technology is needed to help them "learn" from experience and eventually drive themselves without human intervention.

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