Audi Puts India Investment On Hold

August 06,2019

The slowdown in the Indian automobile industry has forced the German luxury carmaker, Audi, to put all its future investment on hold as it continues to struggle in the luxury segment primarily because of Mercedes Benz.

The company registered pathetic figures of 6463 units in FY1819 which puts pressure on the strategy team in terms of return on investment for the company.

The company expects that a minimum of 10k units is what makes it feasible for them to operate and invest in India but with the customer sentiments and taxes the company prefers to tread with safety.

The company has been losing its market share to Mercedes Benz and for straight two years expects to witness a decline in its volume in 2019 as well. The company has opened a new outlet in Gurgaon and hopes to generate good volumes through it.

The company is firm on its strategy on focussing on petrol version, hybrid and fully EV to boost volumes in India. But with the BSVI norms hitting in Apr19 it makes their investment go high for diesel variants. The company would soon launch version of its A6 and A8 sedans in petrol version and on top of it, the company is riding high on its launch of e-tron. The overall company plans to launch 10 vehicles in 2019.

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