Amazon All Set To Disrupt Automotive Industry

July 15,2019

The internet retail giant Amazon is all set to make in roads into the automotive industry with its Alexa voice assistant. It is to be noted that Audi launched Alexa on the new e-Tron all-electric crossover last year. The company is ready to grow its automotive business portfolio and this is seen as a move in the right direction by the industry observers.

The company led an investment round of $700 million in electric-vehicle startup  Rivian in Feb-19 and the company had also launched Amazon Auto, a consumer review website in 2016. Alexa-enabled offerings from Amazon are expected to grow in the coming months and years, with top brands like Audi and BMW embracing the product offerings from Amazon.

The company is already on a tying spree with various manufacturers to take its automotive expansion but refuses to divulge the details. As per company consumers should expect ‘a significant number of vehicles having access to Alexa’ in the coming years.

Audi and BMW Group will be the first to begin installing Alexa into their vehicles' software system. Audi plans to roll out Alexa gradually across its vehicle fleet. On the other hand, BMW is looking at its partnership with Amazon for Alexa in order to provide a seamless experience between their home devices and their vehicles for their "digital lifestyles.

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