AVSimulation & ANSYS Enters Into Partnership For Safe Autonomous Driving Technology

June 27,2019

AVSimulation and ANSYS have joined hands to expedite the development of the safe autonomous driving technology for automakers. The duo would work together to develop autonomous vehicle design and validate them with virtual testing.

The automakers are turning to ANSYS VREXPERIENCE to reduce the prototype testing cost and time. The ANSYS VREXPERIENCE comprises of a driving simulator that offers open & scalable modular simulation solution creating an ultra-realistic virtual world enabling users to simulate thousands of driving scenarios with numerous variabilities on a public cloud like Microsoft Azure, SCANeR. Virtual prototyping and massive simulation are key to ensuring safe autonomous vehicles.

The initiative from the duo would result in a saving of both time and cost, as the technology will have the ability to test millions of miles of digital road tests in a single week. This would lead to faster, safer, efficient and more affordable autonomous vehicle design.  As per the CEO of AVSimulation, Mr.Emmanuel Chevrier this new technology-driven transformation augurs well for the advent of autonomous driving and would take us into the most transformative moment in automotive history since Henry Ford revolutionized industrial manufacturing.

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